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 Starting from 2013, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) brought forward a nation-wide project (SGH) to develop the next generation of global leaders. Our school took part in this 5-year project, and since 2014 has been designated as one of the 56 participating schools in Japan.

 More specifically, our school is approaching the fostering of global talent by:

“Developing vital skills in Japan’s future global leaders through collaboration with colleges and industries.”

Goals and objectives

(1) General Goal
 With the SGH Program, our school, the Takasaki Municipal High School of Takasaki City University of Economics, is focusing mainly on collaborations between the industrial and the educational sectors, particularly on the strategies of overseas expansion for Japanese companies.
 This overarching theme of research goes though all three school grades and is constructed with the aim of developing various skills, as described below.

(2) Skills
 With the increasing necessity of global awareness, our school aspires to cultivate skills that will bring students to understand ideas from various countries, properly analyze the thought processes behind them, and construct new discussions around them.
 These vital skills are:
   ●Ability to take action
   ●Ability to outthink
   ●Ability to work as a team
   ●Communication Skills (Debate, Presentation, Speech, Discussion, etc.)
   ●Research Literacy (Read, Write, Listen, Analyze)
   ●English proficiency skills
   ●Understanding one’s own culture
   ●Understanding other cultures

SGH translated by students(2015/8/13)
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