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Takasaki Municipal
High School of
Takasaki City
University of Economics


The High School of the Takasaki City University of Economics, or simply Takakeifu, is a co-ed school located in Gunma prefecture, Japan. Surrounded by beautiful nature and Gunma’s majestic mountains, Takakeifu is an international and dynamic school thanks to its active and vibrant students. We welcome you to our school!

School Slogan


Takakeifu is located in Takasaki city, the largest and most populated city of Gunma prefecture. Takasaki is situated about 100km away from Tokyo, and is located roughly in the center of Japan. Gunma is known for its famous hot-springs, beautiful mountains, and as the home of Dharma dolls.

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School Subjects
・General Subjects majors
・Music and Art majors
Economics and Social Studies major (Honor Class)
Natural science major (Honor Class)

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All Four majors include:

Calligraphy , Japanese literature , Mathematics , Biology, Chemistry, Physics , World History , Physical Education , Home Economics, English , Geography , Economics , Music , Art (Design , Sculpture , Painting, Drawing ) 

Honor Class 

What is the Honor Program?

The Honor Program is an extra layer of academic activities on top of the regular course classes.

Through grade 1 to 3, students with a focused interest in natural science or social science can opt to enter the Honor Program in a concentration of either field. Students can enter or renew their participation at every school year. Both curriculums revolve around practical experience, field trips to various industries, and other facilities with educational vocations with the objective of expending general knowledge.

 Furthermore, the SGH (Super Global High School) program is mainly centered around the Honor Program.

University seminarI

Nikkei Stock Market League
 Super global High School Project
Starting from 2013, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) brought forward a nation-wide project (SGH) to develop the next generation of global leaders. Our school took part in the project, and since 2014 has been designated as one of the 112 participating schools in Japan.  

More specifically, our school is approaching the fostering of global talent by:

“Developing vital skills in Japan’s future global leaders through collaboration with colleges and industries.”

Study program at Takasaki City University of Economics
Collaboration Seminar result presentation


・Kyudo ・Tennis ・Soft tennis ・Track and Field ・Swimming ・Mountain Climbing ・Dance ・Basketball ・Volleyball ・Badminton ・Baseball ・Soccer ・Karate ・Judo ・Music ・Singing ・Tea ceremony & Flower arrangement・Junior Red Cross・Photography ・Art ・Calligraphy・Brass band ・Soukyoku ・Rock band ・Cheerleading ・Science ・Movies ・News paper club ・Literature, and much more! 

Our brass band during the school festival

Special Events
Opening Ceremony

School Festival, called KEIRYOUSAI
(every two years)
Next Festival in 2015

Ball Sports Tournament
Sport recreation tournament

Jaxa facilities visit
University visit with 1st-graders

2nd grade school trip
(Okinawa, etc.)


Visit from Taiwanese students
Public art exhibition
Public music performance

Graduation Ceremony

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Visit from Taiwanese students

 School Uniform
Our school uniform was designed by the world-famous designer, Junko Koshino. Its unique but elegant look makes all students wear it with pride inside, or outside our school 

International Club
The international club is open to anyone looking for a laid-back and no-stress environment, where one can enjoy a quick chat in English. With 16 members in its rank, the club offers various activities related to foreign language or foreign countries. Throughout the year, its members can enjoy games, movies, discussions, crafts on top of some other unique activities! We also have an unusual and growing hat collection...

Don’t be shy and come visit us!

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